Welcome Gladiators to the League of Tempus. Where one man will stand triumphant over all. Play smart, play hard, gain bragging rights as the first winner of the League.

This first run is gonna work out the rules, I wanna play with you guys first before I invite any other players, because well, you are my favorites. If you guys have fun, and wanna do it again I’ll expand it to more players than just you four.

Create your teams, name your teams. Your Champion is the Leader. After the tournament is over, your champions will be awarded the XP from each fight, and remaining team members will be sacrificed to Tempus. The winner gets one wish. All champions become your characters in a future campaign if you all decide to continue with them.

  1. Each of you will fight 5 rounds, and the highest point players will fight a championship game. The lowest scoring players will play a championship game against each other. Point totals might pump up an underdog to win.
  2. 3 points to the winner, 1 point each for a draw, and 0 for losing.
  3. A round robin setup, matchups will be selected at random.
  4. Source material include SRD, Dungeon Master’s Guide 3.5, Player’s Handbook 3.5, Fish and Pythons (for deitys/domains only) and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting v3.5 (Tome of Battle, in case of round 5 only)
  5. Stats will be assigned by players on a 36 point buy system.
  6. One round for buffing
  7. Terrain/Battleground will change for each round, various traps/items/creatures and buildings might be present.
  8. LA buy-off allowed, you are given the xp for each level accordingly, so spend it accordingly. This goes for item crafting, etc…
  9. Normal starting gold for level.
  10. CHANGE: THERE WILL BE 5 ROUNDS, Each player will get one auto win. Not up to you.
  11. No leadership, No-cohorts, no followers, no hirelings. Familiars, companions and other class features are allowed.
  12. Haste and other 3.0 spell rules do not apply. SRD rulings have final say
  14. Classes and levels allowed are based on match as follows:

Round 1
Level 4
Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger,

Round 2
Level 5
Fighter, Monk, Paladin,

Round 3
Level 10
Wizard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer

Round 4
Level 8

Round 5
Level 6 (or previous character)
Bard, Crusader, Warblade,
or a repeat of characters from a previous round level

Level 12
Any listed class in the allowed books (or SRD), any previously played character leveled to required level.

The League of Tempus

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